In the early 1900s, the Imperial Hotel commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the greatest American architects of the 20th century, to design its new building. Hatsunojo Ina and his son Chozaburo were invited to become technical advisors for this project. Upon the completion of the hotel, they took on the workers and the equipment of this factory, creating Ina Seito, which later became INAX.

Japan is a country that respects the beauty of nature and people, and INAX is a brand nurtured by Japan’s unique tradition and culture, inheriting the techniques and spirit of craftsmanship, relentless in the pursuit of quality. All these components change and dignify the surrounding atmosphere, and give comfort to everyone who sees them. Highly regarded outside Japan, ageless Japanese beauty and techniques have inspired contemporary designers, marking a footprint in the products they design.


The S600 LINE has been developed based on the INAX Brand Design Values. Essence pursues the essential values of the product. Sophistication ensures functionality as well as attractiveness when integrated with architecture. Through intelligently arranged products that look like pieces of art, subtly embedded with the spirit of Japanese hospitality, the bathroom space arranged with S600 LINE products helps bring about a deeper level of relaxation and vitality. Enjoy a tranquil moment in the luxurious comfort of your S600 LINE bathroom that will rejuvenate you with the Japanese water rituals.

Aqua Ceramic

Aqua Ceramic material is a milestone in the history of ceramics. Stubborn soil washes away with a simple flush. The smooth, stain-repellant surface prevents unsightly hard water buildup and spots, so the bowl stays fresh and gleams like new after cleaning. With this revolutionary development, whiteness and shine can last a century.

Satis S

INAX’s shower toilets are forever evolving in both function and design to deliver further comfort and satisfaction that goes hand in hand with their passion to manufacture creative products that help people live well.

The Satis S shower toilet is a testament to that with its many features. It has a dual nozzle for rear-wash and another dedicated for the female bidet function that caters to women’s concerns about cleaning their intimate area with the rear-wash nozzle. Its Auto Seat lid opens and closes automatically, while other automated functions include the flush and an air-shield deodorizer to prevent bad odours.