Established in 2008, the AXENT Group is a leading manufacturer of sanitary technology and a global supplier of shower toilets. To strengthen customer relations and extend its global reach, AXENT opened an office in the US and developed a European base in Switzerland.

AXENT’s product portfolio includes leading-edge shower toilets, high-quality sanitary ware, bathroom furniture and bathtubs as well as innovative performance technology for bathroom products. The company’s key to success is a combination of industry knowledge, in-house expertise and continuous research into new technologies. With the expertise of designers Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, AXENT sets out to deliver technology with a touch of style through their creative approach and usage of warm and natural materials.


Making its debut at ISH 2019, the AXENT.NOVIA is a revolutionary masterpiece with a cool, sculpted profile and fully integrated, seamless intelligent functionality. Its faucet-less design that derived its inspiration from the Earth’s natural geysers, is a bathtub that is more than meets the eye. From a single centre the tub can fill, drain and produce a luxurious massage effect, coupled with mood lighting to give you the complete spa experience. It also has built in self-cleaning capabilities. The innovative design vision to introduce more functionality in a tasteful, artistic manner is a compliment of AXENT’s newest design partner, Mr. Arthur Eisenkrein.


This is a world first. A toilet that eliminates the tank and works completely without electricity, saving you space and preserving the world’s resources in one fell swoop. Thanks to their patented VACUUM V FLUSH that is integrated into the ceramic, Primus is really the first of its kind – and it only uses 5l per flush.

Primus also features a ‘soft closing’ seat and its Easy Clean glaze that makes cleaning it a breeze. The Primus looks great from every angle and with its tankless design, fits beautifully in any bathroom. It comes in three gorgeous shades; White & Champagne, White & Rose Gold and White & Silver designed to fit your unique tastes.

One C Plus

This award-winning intelligent toilet brings you all the convenience that technology has to offer. Slim design and features like a sensor that recognizes you and automatically opens the toilet lid when you enter the room make for an unforgettable bathroom experience.

AXENT.ONE C PLUS features 305mm pit, rear wash, front wash, warm-air dry, deodorization, night-light, VACUUM V FLUSH, its patented Easy Clean glaze, auto flush, a convenient remote control and seat heating. This model was engineered to surpass your expectations by offering you incredibly innovative homeware technology that is both sleek and sophisticated in appearance.