Brandt is the main brand of the Brandt Group. Brandt offers extensive product ranges in the fields of washing, cooking, cooling, small appliances, television and air conditioning. For over 60 years, Brandt has developed a strong relationship with its consumers, based on trust and proximity.

Brandt is a brand at the heart of its customers’ lives. For decades, most French households have enjoyed at least one Brandt product. Since its creation, Brandt has pursued one simple mission: to support consumers throughout their lives by offering them innovative, useful and relevant products. By closely analyzing consumer habits, Brandt develops its products to reflect changing lifestyles, new housing types and growing environmental awareness.

Hoods & Hobs

Whether it’s a decorative wall-mounted hood, a kitchen-island extractor, or a curved or trapezoid model their new built-in box extractor can be installed in a kitchen unit, while leaving space for storage. They also offer visor, pull-out, telescopic and filtration-unit hoods that will blend into your décor.

In short, the Brandt collection keeps up with current trends with consummate elegance. Ever the pioneer, Brandt has now drawn on its considerable expertise to produce a new generation of hobs offering optimum versatility and user comfort through horiZonetech technology, so you can give free rein to your culinary imagination.


Every single detail of Brandt’s microwaves has been meticulously designed to meet all the aesthetic requirements of the modern kitchen. With its gorgeous sleek lines, full glass front, stainless steel handles designed for perfect grip and illuminated turn & press selector knob, their range of microwaves are designed to meet your desires while giving you the support you need from day to day.

Washing Machine

Designed to meet all needs, Brandt’s 7 kg and 8 kg washing machines have generously proportioned 50- and 60 liters drums that wash your clothes without cramming them in too tightly. With a spin-drying speed of up to 1,400 rpm, you can cut drying time. A wide, 32 cm door with 180° opening makes it easy to load your bulkier items. All their front-loading washing machines have been awarded the best possible energy labelling rating, A+++, meaning they are 20% more economical than Class A+ appliances. Brandt’s AquaBoost3 technology combines enhanced ergonomics and a new mixing system to boost washing efficiency regardless of the programmes used.