It all started when Johann Dietrich decided to invest in the forging industry. He branded all his creations with a hunting horn that went on to become the first logo in industrial history. Since its creation at the end of the 17th century, the company has consistently presented new creations, innovations and unique technology, such as the first domestic cooker, the pyrolytic oven, and the saturated steam oven.

In 1990, the company went on to revolutionize induction hobs. Their expertise has been passed on from generation to generation, to preserve their record of unsurpassed excellence. Inspired by its heritage and ancestral knowledge, the new De Dietrich design is just as much a signature look as it is the personification of the French art of living.

Pyrolytic Oven

The perfection demanded by De Dietrich for their collection of pyrolytic ovens means that nothing is left to chance. Countless recipes pre-programmed into this oven take flavour to a new level, and its large interior cavity is equipped with rail-mounted sliding racks, making it perfect for cooking multiple dishes at the same time.

It is a real gem which will provide you with the perfect stage for your culinary talents. In addition to that, you can programme the pyrolytic cleaning cycle during off-peak hours, run the pyrolytic cycle immediately after cooking to utilise the heat in the oven, or save energy by adapting the programme to the quantity of dirt in the oven making cleaning a breeze!

Hoods & Hobs

The range of Hobs in the new De Dietrich collection is of pure excellence, with each offering the utmost in sophistication and innovation. Moreover, with Hoods available for every surface, the new extraction collection is like nothing you have ever seen before.

It has been designed to appeal to exquisite tastes and those seeking both functional perfection and visual harmony. Combine them to create a cooking environment that is both personal and efficient.


Healthy living begins with the food you consume and how much nutritional value exists in the meal that is prepared. De Dietrich understands this importance and uses a sophisticated approach to preserving the freshness and flavour of stored food, and is eternally generous in providing space to accommodate it. Their cooling systems are available in a range of options that merge seamlessly into the ideal living space.