Gessi is a global, Italian manufacturing company that pioneered the concept of luxury bathroom furnishings, putting an enchanting new spin on lifestyle behind closed doors. Founded in 1992 by Umberto Gessi, the Company began as a small workshop with the goal of challenging the industry’s status quo dominated by historic names.

Armed with a clear vision of change and innovation, Gessi quickly developed into one of the most sophisticated and vertically integrated manufacturing companies in its product category worldwide with a brand that has become synonymous with superior design and technology. Gessi has received numerous awards for its works of art over the years and recently emerged victorious in the German Brands Award and Good Design Award. Despite Gessi’s global reach, their products are still manufactured locally, making it a unique craftsmanship imbued with the Italian heart and its heritage.

“Made in Gessi,
Made with Love”.

“Made in Gessi, Made with Love”.

Private Wellness


HI-FI is a novelty of Gessi, and the new frontier of the Private Wellness Program. The precision controls have been designed to recreate all the tactile sensations of period stereo sets, giving off 80s groove vibes.

The clicking of the function selector buttons, the ticking of the knobs, the millimeter precision of the controls, much similar to that of an 80s stereo system, all allow to set and maintain the preferred regulation of flow and temperature whilst embodying the old school feeling of that era.



The circle within a square concept has been an age old debate between mathematicians and philosophers alike for its near impossibility to be defined or constructed, giving birth to the phrase ‘square the circle’ which refers to an individual attempting a very difficult or impossible task.

A circle inscribed into a square is the theme that RILIEVO by HBA, an international architectural studio enlisted by Gessi, brilliantly brings to life. The design is seen to be taken up both in plan and in profile, on all perspectives of this product, making this a masterpiece that defies the odds.


Gessi the Private Wellness Company supports a new vision of bathrooms, which goes beyond the outmoded function of a merely practical place.

AFILO’s rainshower design brings about a totally new shower experience with chromotherapy lighting set up to enhance one’s mood and calm the nerves, atomization emitting the sensation of a hot spring bath, designed to wash away the stress from one’s daily routine. A waterfall cascading down your shoulders accompanied by gentle rainfall brings a person back to the very essence of nature without having to leave their lush abode.