Gessi is a global, Italian manufacturing company that pioneered the concept of luxury bathroom furnishings, putting an enchanting new spin on lifestyle behind closed doors. Founded in 1992 by Umberto Gessi, the Company began as a small workshop with the goal of challenging the industry’s status quo dominated by historic names.
Armed with a clear vision of change and innovation, Gessi quickly developed into one of the most sophisticated and vertically integrated manufacturing companies in its product category worldwide with a brand that has become synonymous with superior design and technology. Gessi has received numerous awards for its works of art over the years and recently emerged victorious in the German Brands Award and Good Design Award. Despite Gessi’s global reach, their products are still manufactured locally, making it a unique craftsmanship imbued with the Italian heart and its heritage.

“Made in Gessi,
Made with Love”.

“Made in Gessi, Made with Love”.

Art For Chefs

Gessi experiments with new styles for designs that bring life to the private space of instruments that are either professional or inspired by other environments. Thanks to these instruments, the kitchen becomes a laboratory rich in technology and design.


With a decisive contemporary cut and slender shape, the stainless-steel braided hose of Mesh makes an unprecedented and playfully eccentric kitchen tap. It is a plucky expression of creative, refined design and unmistakable style.


The Officine collection has its roots in the popular trend of the “INDUSTRIAL” style that has been influencing the interior design of private and commercial architectures in the recent years. With its aesthetics, characterized by shapes, surfaces and materials that are typical of “production” spaces with their edgy look, this decorative code has an extreme versatility that allows its interpretation in ways that are always new and personal.


The minimalistic style and attention to every detail that has made Gessi acclaimed on a world level, sends a message of its distinct design and essential style. Proton renovates once again the brand’s unique identity and its ability to transform the most creative space into an inviting and comfortable place, for a daily life seasoned with quality, style and pleasure.