GROHE is a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings and has been part of the LIXIL Group Corporation since 2014. GROHE has a rich tradition of creating market-leading products and has expanded its core competencies by acquiring the skills and experience of innovative enterprises.

As an international brand, GROHE embodies the brand values of technology, quality, design and sustainability, seeking to offer the “Pure joy of water”. In the last ten years alone, GROHE has received over 300 design and innovation awards as well as several top rankings as one of “Germany’s most sustainable large brands”, confirming the success of the brand.


Icon 3D

Imagine a tap that redefines everything you previously thought possible. A 3D printed tap, born of the latest technology. With the GROHE Icon 3D collection, Allure Brilliant Icon 3D and Atrio Icon 3D, the impossible becomes cutting-edge reality.

By embracing the still-emerging technology of 3D metal-printing, GROHE’s designers and engineers are pushing the boundaries of how a tap is made and through it created a 3D printed structure of dazzling precision, lightness and modern elegance. The GROHE Icon 3D printed tap concept takes the future of the tap to exciting new places with its own unique formula that guarantees nothing but the highest quality.

Allure Brilliant

The gorgeously crafted Allure Brilliant collection compels you to transform your bathroom into something to be marveled upon. The GROHE Allure Brilliant collection is one of a kind, defined by crisp planes and angles that evoke the rare quality of a gemstone. Be it small or large, wall mounted or deck mounted, Allure Brilliant has everything a person could want in a bathroom.

This collection also comes with a floor mounted bath filler and a cascade spout for bath and shower. Add in their resplendent selection of finishings and you will have a bathroom fit for a king. Their accessories are one of a kind, characterized by their faceted wall plates, the range takes the flat planes and intriguing angles of the brassware collection in highly polished chrome and marries them with frosted lead crystal beakers and soap dishes for that million dollar look.


The circle as a shape has always been intriguing to the human mind, its element a clear representation of nature. In the eyes of Mathematicians and Philosophers, it is considered the most quintessential geometric shape. Atrio’s design stems from that very nature, its spout curved in the perfect arc of a semi-circle, while its body is cylindrical running the same diameter from base to top.

Crafted with care and hand-assembled, Atrio meets the highest standards of engineering and performance that GROHE is famous for. The Atrio collection means design without restrictions. Each item is available in various finishes and size options to meet the demands of one’s personal taste without overshadowing different design schemes.