Roca began life in 1917, originally as a manufacturer of cast iron radiators at its factory in Gavà, near Barcelona. From these humble origins, the company has grown into a global business driven by a firm focus on improving the quality of life for its customers. Roca first started producing vitreous china in 1936 and faucets in 1954 and continued to innovate with new designs, products and materials to ultimately provide the complete bathroom solution.

Its constant investment in design and product manufacturing, its entrepreneurial spirit and independence as a family-owned business, sets Roca apart and clearly demonstrates why the company has earned the recognition of being a referenced company in the bathroom space globally. The company now has over 22,600 employees, manufactures at 78 state-of-the-art facilities around the world and is active in over 170 markets.


Roca´s years of experience in manufacturing household equipment equips them with the knowledge required to produce high-quality and high-performance solutions for the kitchen. Discover your inner cooking show host with their collection of faucets and sinks that provide top notch quality at your fingertips.

Kitchen Mixers

In that space where senses are sharpened, where textures, aromas and family stories intertwine, kitchen faucets are secret witnesses to recipes and confidences. In a place where body and soul is nurtured, taps are improved to offer an array of designs and enhanced features.

The symmetry of twin-lever models, a touch of color, retractable faucets, all stand out for its uniqueness. In order to help you with your kitchen design, Roca faucets bring together the best materials and finishes inviting you to round out your kitchen sink with everything you might need and much more.

Kitchen Sinks

The kitchen is often a popular meeting point for family and guests which highlights the importance of it being a safe environment. Products such as the quartz kitchen sink are specially designed to provide peace of mind, thanks to their antibacterial qualities. As they are manufactured in a pore-free material, Quarzex® kitchen sinks prevent the filtering of liquids and the absorption of difficult stains, as well as the proliferation of dampness and bacteria.

In this way, in addition to making cleaning easier, they protect the area where you place most of your food. Maximum safety for your loved ones is guaranteed, with sinks in up to three different colors that come with a pleasant natural texture.