From its humble beginnings in a small village in France to its current standing as a multinational corporation, Villeroy & Boch has dabbled in many things. From crockery and cristallerie for the wealthy and influential, to floor mosaic tiles for cathedrals and pioneering the very first bathroom furnishings in the 1900s, the company’s strong roots in European culture have shaped the development of a premium brand that is now a household name all over the world, from its foundation in 1748 to the present day.

Villeroy & Boch is now represented in over 125 countries with its Bathroom and Wellness and Tableware products. The company is continuing its international expansion, focusing on new growth markets while maintaining a strong presence in its core markets in Western Europe. In the Bathroom and Wellness area, Villeroy & Boch offers high-quality products designed to transform the bathroom into a stylish and functional oasis of wellbeing.



The new Artis washbasins introduce a fresh look with its sleek profile thanks to a new material called TitanCeram that comes in various shapes and shades that are customizable for a bicolour look.

There are five neutral colours available for those that desire a cool, compelling effect that would blend in with almost any type of interior. The other 12 harmonious colours are inspired by the kaleidoscope of seasonal colours in Paris that was developed alongside the skilled designer Gesa Hansen. 

What better base for your design than inspiration that comes straight from the world’s fashion capital? The basins come in four different shapes: round, oval, square and rectangular providing users with various options to choose from.


Finion transforms your ordinary bath experience into a place that one can rest and rejuvenate after a long hard day. Extremely thin edge profiling combined with extraordinary stability emphasizes the refined character of Finion washbasins that can be paired with their bathroom furniture. The Finion mirror is one of a kind with its illuminated LED border that can do more than simply look good: on request, it can be supplied with a clever anti-fogging function as well as an integrated premium sound system for even greater pleasure.

Mobile phones are practically an extension of ourselves and its uses are infinite. However, its battery lifespan isn’t. With the Finion wireless charging station built into a shelf, simply place your smartphone on the side cabinet or in the shelf unit to automatically charge the battery, giving you ample time to unwind whilst staying connected. Designer, Patrick Frey, transformed the freestanding Quaryl® bath into a spectacular piece by adding a golden touch, with a strip of filigree encircling the side walls.


Octagon is a masterpiece of precision and craftsmanship, incorporating all the possibilities of TitanCeram, a completely new kind of ceramic material that is of high-quality and is unusually strong, enabling impressively delicate and unique forms. The representation of Octagon truly suits its nature, as it is shaped like a diamond, a substance that is beautifully structured with its many facets yet incredibly sturdy despite its look.

This exquisite design comes with leather, wood or stone veneer to complete the base of the pedestal, with just a hint of copper encircling it, exuding an aura of magnificence. Having this gem as the centerpiece of the bathroom will give your space the Midas effect.