Gessi Wins Best of Year Award

On December 8, 2020 the design world gathered virtually to celebrate winners and honorees of Interior Design’s 15th annual Best of Year Awards. The BoY Award is the ultimate measure of design excellence, honoring the most significant work of the year and recognizing designers, architects and manufacturers from around the globe. With 761 products entered from 455 manufacturers in 26 countries and 176,517 votes cast, Gessi’s Hi-Fi Thermostatic Mixers has won the Bathroom Fixtures Category.

As the company’s latest launch, Hi-Fi is the convergence of design and technology and represents the new frontier of The Gessi Private Wellness Program, a comprehensive concept that joins the most advanced “hi-tech” with the millenary spirit of Salus per Aquam (health through water) through a wide range of modular shower elements that enable a completely customizable bathroom experience from rain showers to atomization. Hi-Fi Thermostatic Mixers go beyond retro-inspired aesthetics to offer high-fidelity technology for water delivery with accurate precision and incomparable ergonomics and functional perfection.

The Hi-Fi Collection is a unique addition to the bathroom furnishing market and truly redefines the users’ interaction with water and the pleasure of an experience that goes beyond mere hygiene needs – it becomes a private wellness oasis to invent and customize to the possibility of gratifying the users’ emotional sphere and well-being. The controls have been designed to mimic the tactile sensations of period stereo sets with clicking buttons and turning knobs, bringing the satisfaction of fine-tuning and the relaxation of music into a soothing wellness environment. Function buttons feature intuitive graphic icons for easy use, while the knobs have radial dials for precision control of water flow and temperature.

Hi-Fi is the fourth product design from Gessi to receive the prestigious BoY Award. In previous years, the Inciso, Goccia and Tremillimetri Collections also garnered top honors.